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What is Gallery 37
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Hotel Gallery 37 is located in the heart of Plovdiv city, the most ancient town in Europe. The Neoclassical house restored in 2019 became an exquisite gem nestled in a vibrant and youthful area. We offer eleven uniquely designed rooms - each with its own distinctive aesthetic. The artistic design aspires modern art and old-fashioned comfort with remarkable and unforgettable experience.
Remarkable historical location
Hotel Gallery 37 is situates in the centre of the most significant historical landmark in Plovdiv city: The Old Town – An Architectural and Historical Reserve. Many marvellous sites surround the hotel. In the immediate vicinity, you will find the enchanting and enigmatic ancient Roman Theatre, built in the 1st century AD, as well as the first Bulgarian Secondary School, nicknamed The Yellow School, built in 1868. Even more from our hotel’s garden and balconies, you will see St. Dimitar Church, dating 800 years ago. The hotel itself is right next to House-Museum Klianty, built in mid-18th century.
The Gallery Concept
The magical hotel experience sweeps you off your feet upon your entry in our lobby. The feeling that you are in gallery enhances immediately due to the wondrous paintings of prominent Bulgarian artists that adorn the walls of Gallery 37. The best masterpieces, however, we reserved for our eleven delightful rooms, making each space singular in its art charm. You are welcomed to take your breakfast in our quaint garden surrounded by the joyful songs of birds. The sense of peace and tranquillity will inspiring you to meet every morning with fresh vigour. The exceptionally bright artist Rumen Zhekov actively participated in the decision making of colour selection for each hotel space by highlighting its individuality, so our guest can immerse in the history through the prism of modern art.
An experience you will remember!
The most visited architectural landmark in Plovdiv – the ancient Roman Theatre, is just 15 metres away from the hotel and can be seen from the entrance and the balconies. During the summer months, the Roman Theatre transforms into the top spot in the city for culture and art as it hosts numerous events, including operas, plays, one-man shows, concerts, etc. Celebrated actors and singers from all around the world perform on the stage of the ancient Roman Theatre every year. Just a few minutes by walk from the hotel is the Kapana district (literal translation: “The Trap”); this is a trendy place which you also might enjoy during your stay in Gallery 37.The House-Museum Klianty, which is right next to our hotel, is legendary for its impressive murals and colourful ceilings, making it a must-see place for tourists. The cherry on top is our ever polite and gracious staff, which is always there to help make your stay perfect.
rent a car
Upon request, our hotel will assist you with rent-a-car from reliable and approved by us company.
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Transport to-and-from the airport
Hotel Gallery 37 offers transport to-and-from the airport – both in Plovdiv and in Sofia. You are welcome to pre-order your transport.
balcony with view
A balcony with a view
Hotel Gallery 37 offers astonishing balcony accessible via our two deluxe rooms on the top floor. From there you can look and appreciate the beauty and architecture of The Old Town surrounding.
A scrumptious breakfast for every guest
You are welcome to take advantage of the breakfast menu we offer and pre-order your favourite choice to enjoy first thing in the morning. To sweeten the deal and make your stay truly decadent we also offer a breakfast in bed option.
Recommendations about events and places
We are here to make your stay unforgettable, so please let us know if we can offer you any recommendations for places and events that might excite you. That includes culinary experience senses, too.
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Café and shisha bar
Enjoy the magical ambiance and serenity of the Old Town while snacking on your delicious breakfast, enjoying a glass of deep red wine or just smoking shisha outdoors in our garden or indoors in the company of our favorite Bulgarian masterpieces.
dry cleaning
Dry Cleaning
The hotel established partnership with first-class dry cleaning service within guaranteed 24 hours cleaning and return policy. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest and we will take care of your dry cleaning needs.
historical location
A unique historical location
Hotel Gallery 37 is located in the very heart of the biggest historical landmark in Plovdiv – Architectural and Historical Reserve the Old Town. It is surrounded by many marvellous sights – in the immediate vicinity of the hotel you will find the enchanting, enigmatic ancient Roman Theatre, built in the 1st century AD, as well as the first Bulgarian secondary school, nicknamed The Yellow School, built in 1868. What’s more, from our hotel’s garden and balconies you will see St. Dimitar Church, the foundations of which were laid 800 years ago. The hotel itself is right next to House-Museum Klianty, built in mid-XVIII century.
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Free Parking
Our hotel has been afforded special free access by car to the Old Town for our guests. You are welcome to park your vehicles in our comfortable and spacious parking lot, just below the hotel, about 15 metres away.
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Original masterpieces
Our guests have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy masterpieces of some of the most renowned Bulgarian artists, such as Encho Pironkov, Kolyo Karamfilov, Emil Stoychev, Rumen Zhekov, and Georgi Baev and more. These works of art adorn the walls of every room in our hotel and if you would like to take home a little piece of that experience, you are welcome to choose and buy a painting from our special catalogue.
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Tour Guide
You want to learn more about the history of Plovdiv, the landmarks and the architecture of the fifth oldest city in the world? You want to see Plovdiv in a different light, feel the spirit and emotional charge of the city? Look no further than our reception because we offer our guests a professional tour guide who delights in showing you the best places, hidden along the winding streets of the Old Town, as well as those on full display on Plovdiv’s Main Street, which is the longest pedestrian zone in Europe.
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